Top trend 2021: Why your website need a conversational chatbot

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2020 has been a tough year. But, for the e-commerce field, it has been a very positive year. Due to the COVID-19 situation, many companies have had to switch to digital and many users – who were not as assiduous or who were not yet doing so – have started to buy online.

You can visit Jordi Ordóñez’s blog where he explains how e-commerce has experienced ten years of growth in just three months of the pandemic.

But why, because of this growth, do you need a chatbot? According to the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer report: Brands and Coronavirus, more than eight in ten respondents wanted brands to help them.

If now, more than ever, there are thousands of online consumers who come to your business, it is quite likely that you will not be able to serve everyone. Therefore, you have to create a good customer experience strategy: identify which users really need to talk to your customer service support and which ones have the most common questions where you don’t need an agent: shipping costs, order tracking, payment methods, or measurements of the sizes.

So yes: you need the help of a bot. Have you already tried our new conversational chatbot?


Four reasons why you need a conversational chatbot

1. Increase the satisfaction of your customers

We have already repeated this sentence several times: customers want to find a quick answer when they have a question. If you offer a chatbot service, users will feel they have been attended immediately and agents will have to serve fewer customers. When your team needs to step in with potential customers who do need personalized advice, they will be available and have more time to help them (and sell!).

Being able to solve the doubts of each user in real-time improves the user shopping experience. Whenever they have a question, they will have an immediate answer under a ‘real’ conversation experience.

If you avoid waiting time, you get a greater number of satisfied customers, and this will increase their loyalty and the chances that they will continue to buy. Is it worth the investment!

2. Improve the proactivity of your agents

Customer service inquiries can occur in two different ways: when the customer goes to chat or when help is proactively offered. We have already talked a lot about how to establish a good trigger strategy to boost the activity of your live chat, but you also have to take it into account when offering a chatbot.

If the bot offers help automatically, customers will not leave with doubts —which increases the bounce rate and cart abandonment— and, on the other hand, if they solve the most common doubts your agents have more time to attend to potential customers and be more proactive with sales.

In 2018, we published a study where we demonstrated this: Conversions multiply up to 18 times if agents act as salespeople, advising the user in a proactive and visual way.

Automate tasks and avoid repetitive conversations with your agents: they can dedicate their energy to closing more sales.

3. You are more accessible and offer greater availability

Surely you have all the necessary information on your website and everything is well-structured so that it is easy to find. But many visitors will go to the chat hoping to solve their doubts faster.

Having a conversational chatbot will allow you to offer all the basic information instantly and, in addition, it allows you to be ‘available’ 24/7 and give better service, also, during the peak hours of your business – which is generally concentrated between 10AM and 3 PM—.

4. You distribute the queries and improve under an omnichannel point of view

Offering a chatbot service allows you to better distribute what type of queries you attend from each channel. The most frequent questions or the information of your business can be filtered through the bot, the advice of potential customers can be done from the live chat and, in the same way, you will see how calls and e-mails are reduced to, also, give better care.

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