Customers Typologies: The Angry & undecided. 9 Tips handle them better.

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Customer service sells; this kind of marketing axiom has been repeated since the first sale was made, but it’s still valid. We all know online and offline businesses that have converted consumer service into a real distinguishing advantage, department stores and marketplaces included.

The key is that customer service doesn’t influence the capture of new customers as much, except for the power of word of mouth, rather it gets clients to return.

Statistically, a customer who feels well treated and knows there will be no problems when resorting to service after a purchase, is much more loyal to a brand. Maybe they even value this feature move than the price itself. And hey, it’s not that easy, 53% of consumers don’tfeel appreciated by customer service.

There are two big issues, and your customer service should be clear on how to address each of the situations from a commercial standpoint and with the end goal of promoting further purchases.

1. After Sales Services & Undecided customers

Undecided customers can be an opportunity. To ensure that an undecided client becomes a returning customer, our customer service representatives should:

Observe: There are multiple tools we can use to follow a customer (products seen, previously purchased products, wish lists, etc). The more information you have about a client’s taste, the more success you’ll have when you show them your store’s products.

Anticipate: The fruit of observation, business knowledge and previous experience with other users, our agents are able to address the customer with guarantees and anticipate their possible questions to prevent them from leaving with unfinished shopping. That said, it is important to gauge the time and tone and not be too persistent or ill-timed.

Ask: Many times the customer has a very clear idea of what they want, but they don’t know how to explain it or are simply unaware that it exists. You have to ask them what they’re looking for and between the two of you, look for products that they might be interested in. The downside of a livechat, is that you have to send links and the customer might get lost with so many tabs open at the same time, which is why coviewing is basic for your e-commerce.

Show your knowledge: You must convey to the client that we are specialists in our business and that we know how to advise them. If this isn’t possible, find someone who is an expert and can be a consultant to answer any questions. A customer that knows their questions will be resolved will always return to your store. Keep in mind that this customer’s mood is more favourable to one who has had a previous incident.

2. How to handle Customers with specific complaints

Unsatisfied customers that need to talk to customer service can also be an opportunity. Their perception of the brand can change drastically if you offer them a quick and effective solution to their problem. Their opinion can turn around and that’s what’s necessary.

Listen to your customer: We should almost capitalize this. When we gave the three basic pieces of customer service advice, we talked about the importance of active listening and how to deal with angry customers. It’s crucial not to interrupt them and later not to start absurd disputes.

React: The customer wants us to do something for them, he doesn’t want to listen to vague excuses; he needs to hear how we’re going solve the issue. 44% of American clients don’t think twice about switching companies if they have bad customer support.

Simplify: Don’t put the customer in a wheel of call transfers with one agent and then another or in a chain of emails or ask them to fax you. Make it easy.

Follow-up: Keep them up to date about the state of their claim by whichever means they’ve used (email, phone, etc.) so they feel attended.

Apologize: Don’t worry, accept the mistake. Realistically, any customer will appreciate receiving a sincere apology.

Following these steps, and not forgetting the three customer service pillars, we can ensure that the customer will trust us again. The customer felt attended to, which will personify your store’s image through the individual you attended and “rescued”. 73% of buyers fall in love with a brand if they have very nice customer service!

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