Success Stories: Boboli increases its conversion rate up to 20% with Oct8ne

Boboli, a leading company in the fashion sector for kids, is present in more than 60 countries and generates an annual turnover of 45 million euros, of which 10% comes from the digital channel.
They currently sell online in 7 European countries and have launched a new website with the expectation that they will soon be able to start selling worldwide.

The company has been in the sector for more than 40 years, taking care of both the product they offer and the environment, which is why their facilities have renewable energies, and they also expect to achieve 50% of their garments with sustainable materials.

Boboli increases its conversion to 20% with oct8ne

How do you provide a good level of customer service in the fashion vertical? And why is it important to have a chat on your website?

Boboli’s success strategy, says its Digital Director Aleix Roca, is based on four factors: color, comfort, quality, and closeness.

Aleix, interviewed along with Marc Erra by Rubén Bastón of Marketing4ecommerce, said that closeness with their customers has always been one of the most important values of the brand, and when they were looking for a chat the idea they had was to offer online the same treatment that the customer receives in a brick and mortar store.

With Oct8ne, the only chat on the market with visual support and integrated catalog, they manage to provide this close and personalized treatment, similar to the one provided in a physical store thanks to the immediacy of the tool, but above all, thanks to the visual support of the chat, which allows showing and recommend products to the customer as it would be done in a physical store.

What is the Bobot like?

The idea behind the bot, Aleix comments, is to offer 24/7 automatic help to the customer on the main areas of doubts that users usually have: orders, returns, promotions and discounts, shipping, size, and material queries, and if the customer needs it, also selecting the option to talk to an agent. “The most important part is that the doubt is immediately resolved, without generating any waiting time, which is key.”

Boboli Chatbot with Oct8ne

A little more about the use of Oct8ne on Boboli’s website

Boboli offers personalized customer service through live chat, chatbot, and social media channels. It centralizes the management of all customer service channels in a single control panel, since Oct8ne, in addition to being a live chat and chatbot, allows attending in a visual and personalized way also on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram.

The bot acts as a first filter, offering users a series of answers related to all kinds of frequently asked questions, but it is also able to recommend and display products through the chat coviewer performing an internal search in the store catalog based on the keyword indicated by the customer. In fact, by simply typing the type of product being searched, the bot displays a series of 5 items that respond to the search. This functionality, therefore, means that the bot, in addition to saving time for human agents acting as a filter, becomes almost like another agent.

But, as Aleix Roca himself says in the interview, one of the main values of Boboli is the closeness they seek to offer to their customers, therefore, within the multiple choices of the bot could not miss the option to talk to an agent to be transferred to a personal shopper of the team and, in case there are no agents available, the bot gives the option to send the query through a contact form.

How many agents are needed in the chat based on visits?

“From Oct8ne we normally recommend an agent for e-commerce with between 50 and 100 thousand visits,” explains Marc Erra, CEO of Oct8ne. And he continues: “In any case, we always recommend using the robot in addition to the human agent. We believe that the bot does not replace the agent, but it does make the agent’s job easier by saving time so that they can dedicate themselves to attending valuable conversations where they really contribute much more than just answering the typical question of where is my order”.

In the specific case of Boboli, it has a team of 7 agents dedicated to customer service: 2 of which are 100% dedicated to the chat channel, 1 alternate with other channels, and the other 4 are dedicated to the support of the ticketing tool -which is also integrated with Oct8ne and can be managed from the chat panel-.
One thing to note: over the years they have been working with Oct8ne they have maintained the number of human agents, even though they have added the bot.

During the pandemic they implemented a very interesting and innovative project: at that time, when the physical stores were closed, thanks to the flexibility of the tool, Boboli referred the physical store staff to the online store.
By the time the physical stores started to be able to open, and it was necessary to request an appointment to visit the store, Boboli massively sent the invitation to its customers through a link that redirected to the chat, and the conversation was assigned – based on the customer’s zip code – directly to the agent of the store closest to the user’s home.

How does a visual chat help conversion?

In the fashion vertical, many questions tend to arise at the time of purchase, so the fact of being able to visually share the product with the customer and be able to show them combinations of garments helps a lot to finalize the sale, reproducing the experience of the physical store.

What are the most frequently asked questions?

“Questions about order status, queries about exchanges and returns, sizes, and especially the product recommender that helps customers to make combinations of garments so the customer can have its total look,” explains Aleix.
A fact to keep in mind: as Aleix comments, ⅓ of their tickets are gifts, so it is normal that the customer needs to be assisted with the search.

How long does it take to implement a bot?

According to Marc, “It takes more time to think about the structure of the bot or what you want it to solve unless the customer already has it clear, than to implement it. The Oct8ne chatbot allows an easy configuration with a drag & drop module system, in general, in about two weeks maximum the bot should be implemented and ready for use.

“Oct8ne gives you many options in a single environment, and it is exactly what we need because it allows us to offer an exquisite service, therefore, it is a very good partner for us” – Cit. Aleix Roca – Boboli

How do you measure chat conversion?

“Oct8ne provides different metrics that reflect the whole funnel, both pre-and post-sales. It helps to give that purchase impulse and that is reflected in a higher conversion, without a doubt,” Aleix comments. He adds, “At Boboli, the conversion rate we get through chat is 20%.

Boboli statistics with Oct8ne

What triggers are, and how do they influence user interaction with the chat and conversion

Triggers are automatic messages that cause the chat to open automatically, offering help to the customer at key moments in the purchase process. Therefore, the business can decide if it wants the chat help to be offered proactively to the user. Why is this important? Because if we are not proactive, the user’s interaction with the brand is reduced to 1%, while with the help of triggers, this interaction increases to 7%-9%.

How does the chat work in social networks?

It works the same way as on the web, allowing you to centralize and answer all those queries that come through various channels, from a single panel.

Oct8ne has a One-Click integration for WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, so you can serve your customers, either through a human agent or with the chatbot, in addition to being able to give answers to your customers in real-time 24/7.

The native catalog integration across all channels, in addition to providing real-time attention, allows you to search for a product from the dashboard, display it and help the customer to make that sale happen. A user who has a question about a product already has the intention to buy and if we do not give him an immediate answer to his doubts, he will probably go to buy in another store where he will receive that answer.

Talking about Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT, how has Oct8ne reacted to this new trend?

Oct8ne has worked right away on making an integration with ChatGPT in Oct8ne’s chat. “Open AI’s artificial intelligence is very useful when it comes to translations and content in general, which a human can then review, but using it directly in your business to answer customer questions without anyone being able to check the answer beforehand can be very risky, so what we did at Oct8ne was to integrate it into our robot,” says Marc Erra.

How does integration work?

To prevent ChatGPT from answering things that are not relevant to the business, we give it one or more prompts, which is like an instruction book from which it cannot leave, i.e., if they ask a question for which we do not want it to answer, we will not risk it making up the answer.

As a practical example, let’s imagine that a customer asks ChatGPT for information about the status of his order. ChatGPT does not have access to that kind of information, then from Oct8ne what we do is use the language understanding of this tool, so that it gives the instruction to our robot, and that our robot through the integration with the order status, returns this information to the customer.

Another case could be the product recommender. ChatGPT does not know what products the store has, and if you let it respond to a customer who asks for a recommendation on a garment, for example, it could send him the link to a product that he has found in another e-commerce. In Oct8ne what we do is that GPT understands the customer’s question and gives the instruction to the robot telling it to look for, for example, a dress for an 8-year-old girl. This way, the robot can display it through our coviewer.

Basically, what we did was to use ChatGPTe to integrate it with our bot so that together they are more powerful.

If you also want to innovate your ecommerce and offer your customers a close experience, similar to that of a physical store, contact us or try it for free for 14 days!

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