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Chatbots have been one of the most prominent trends in e-commerce for several years. And although we have already developed an Artificial Intelligence chatbot, we have been working to launch a new tool that improves, even more, your customer service, the customer’s shopping experience and, of course, the conversion.

Automation in a business has pretty remarkable advantages: it reduces financial expenses and speeds up the agent’s work. But did you also know that 47% of users who buy online would be willing to do so through a bot? This is a fact to take into account.

That is why we have created this new chatbot. Artificial Intelligence collects valuable data from customers, but our new model guides the user and makes it easier for customers to get to the solution they need.

This new system works through decision flows that allow connecting the different conversations and helping the user to make a final purchase decision thanks to a flow of questions / answers.

And of course, to maintain the quality that differentiates us from other customer service systems, the chatbot is fully integrated with our visual support.

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How is the new Oct8ne chatbot

This chatbot does not need prior training like AI, only an initial configuration to create and connect the different diagrams that will make up the conversation.

If you know the needs of your customers, you can customize it 100%: there are different action modules, so you can predefine the options and responses you want to show the customer. Once you connect all the variables, the conversation will progress in a logical and natural way.

  • Setting

We have designed the configuration panel with a very simple and intuitive interface so that any user without technical knowledge can customize their own bot: it works by creating modules that you can drag and connect through the panel.

Even so, we have added several preconfigured templates depending on each type of business so that any user can start working with a previously developed bot and not have to start from scratch, just customize it to suit their needs.

The idea that the setup is this simple is that each department can create and edit conversation flows without having to depend on the technical team or Oct8ne support.

  • Functioning

Our new chatbot not only allows the user to decide how to get to the solution they need by navigating between the different response options, but it is also able to decide autonomously when interpreting different situations.

Depending on the decisions made by the client or the context in which it is located, the bot can, for example, display the message in one language or another basing on the user’s browser or, if it detects that it is in the checkout URL, offer them a discount or free shipping costs.

The bot also includes variables so that, within the same module, it can guide the client towards one conversation or another according to the answers that he has given.

This functionality is very useful so that the bot can decide whether to continue the conversation when a user provides their order number correctly, or ask them to repeat the code because the customer has made a mistake.

  • Integrations

Another feature of our new chatbot is that it is capable of integrating with any API to automate different management processes and be even more customizable.

If your business uses an application capable of finding out the size that each user needs, the bot can provide these answers. Or, if you integrate with an API product review, it can tell which article has the best customer reviews.


Why a chatbot helps improve sales

According to a report by MIT Sloan Management Review and The Boston Consulting Group, companies that have implemented an Artificial Intelligence strategy have increased sales between 6 and 10%.

Thanks to the chatbot that streamlines the work of your customer service team, this department can focus on providing personalized advice to potential customers to improve their customer experience.

Being able to automatically differentiate the needs of a customer not only improves the customer experience but will directly impact sales: if users answers their question quickly, they can continue with the purchase process and, if they need personalized advice, they will be transferred to an agent.

Increasing the time your agents spend accompanying users means that they will have more optimal opportunities to apply cross-selling and up-selling techniques.


The ideal way to use our chatbot

From Oct8ne we have developed this new chatbot to facilitate the work of your team and improve the experience of your customers, but a strategy must be well defined to know how far the user has to be related to the bot and when it is necessary to transfer the conversation to an agent.

Although there are very notable improvements in bots, we must be aware of what we need them for. Using a chatbot on your website does not mean offering 24/7 customer service and that your clients won’t need human interaction.

The presence of the bot does allow you to give a large number of responses when there are no agents connected, in the same way that it enhances lead generation; But we must not forget that Artificial Intelligence is a great support for your business, but not a substitute for your agents. We must be available, but also offer the type of care that each user needs.

The best formula will always be to combine both forces. You can read all the information on our website!

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