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Yes, we have a new feature: our chatbot can now recommend products to users. Consumers’ needs change over time, and customer service needs to adapt to this fact because it has a direct impact on the user experience and on your business’s sales.

Now that automation is the most demanded trend in e-commerce, in that 47% of online consumers are willing to make a purchase through a bot, we wanted our chatbot to be able to make the most of the coviewer as well.

To achieve a good customer experience, you have to take a chance on conversational bots because they can imitate the agent experience: a flowing conversation where the user doesn’t realize there’s a break in conversation when the bot doesn’t understand or when it starts a loop.

According to Emarketer, users who interact with recommended products through an e-commerce have a 70% higher conversion rate. Thus, if it’s important that agents recommend products to personalize the shopping experience and optimize conversion, chatbots must also be able to advise the customer.

A chatbot to automatically recommend products

Our chatbot can recommend products from your store’s catalog and display them in the coviewer. When a customer needs help, the bot will ask the user what they need and then send them a link to various articles.

Thanks to visual support, when the customer opens the link with the list of products recommended by the chatbot, they can view them and add them to their cart directly from the chat.

This way, Oct8ne’s chatbot offers an experience that is almost identical to that of your customer service team: the bot collects the information it needs and analyzes the user’s responses to recommend the products they are looking for.

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How to customize product recommendations

Setting up product recommendation is very simple. If you already know our chatbot’s interface, you know that it works through modules that are connected to each other: the recommender is just one more module.

Add a ‘product search’ box from the module you need. You’ll just have to choose the catalog that the chatbot will search, either the store’s product catalog or Oct8ne’s, if the search is carried out by product ID or keyword, and the number of items displayed.

The number and type of products that the chatbot sends to the client is completely customizable to adapt this feature to your business strategy. Additionally, you can choose the items the chatbot shows, so it always sends bestsellers or sale items to recommend them by ID.

Do not replace your agents

Yes, this feature opens up new possibilities in your customer service strategy, but your agents are not expendable. A chatbot optimizes the customer experience while facilitating your team’s work. However, when necessary, the bot has to transfer the conversation to a human.

Cromantic, our latest success story, diversifies its queries according to the client’s needs: “The chatbot represents a very important feature, especially due to the immediate response, but we ensure there are always agents available because they give the user a lot of assurance”.

Combine both services and you’ll get the perfect customer experience. The product recommender will be great for you during summer break 😉

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