How to prepare your website for summer with a chatbot

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Summer arrives and we all start planning our summer vacation, if we haven’t done so already, even if we still don’t know what the COVID-19 restrictions will bring. But if you’re already dreaming of a well-deserved vacation, it also means that you have to start implementing a business strategy for the season.

It’s important to always keep the mobile version of your website in mind: more than 50% of global traffic is through mobile devices and during the holidays it grows much more.

Start by checking the payment process on a mobile device, check the landings that will get redirected visits for the summer campaigns and make sure that your products’ images and videos are suitable for mobile screens.

But what happens with your customer service team’s vacation?



Consumers are going on vacation and your agents probably are too. Periods where fewer staff are working is normal in any company, but since customer service is still essential in building sales, you need to fill this gap.

With a conversational chatbot, you can make life easier for agents by decreasing the number of queries they receive. Automating customer service lets your customers get basic questions answered instantly and, in addition to being available 24/7, it lets you give more leisurely personalized attention when you have less personnel.

Our chatbot is 100% customizable and you don’t need any previous training, just a very simple initial configuration to create the bot’s responses and connect the flows that make up the conversation.

Don’t let the summer affect your conversion or your customers’ level of satisfaction. Solving issues through the chatbot improves the customer experience and if the bot also offers proactive help automatically, you’ll make sure customers don’t leave with questions.


If your clients know that the staff is on vacation, you’ll avoid a lot of complaints. You can let them know in advance which dates your services will be affected, for example, by sending a newsletter to your database.

Another good way to bring in new customers is to activate a trigger. After the greeting message, the chatbot can send the notification and make sure that all your traffic is informed. With Oct8ne’s predictive segmentation, you can set the triggers so the message appears as a pop-up.

We always reiterate that chatbots are not a substitute for the human team, but don’t worry if you have fewer agents during the summer; 47% of online consumers are willing to make a purchase through a bot.

Since Oct8ne’s chatbot is fully customizable, among other options, you can reconfigure the conversation flows so the, “I want to talk to an agent” button isn’t as easily seen. You can also delete it and the chatbot will decide when is necessary to transfer to someone on the team.


If you look at the best-selling products last year during the summer, you can gauge what will happen in the next year. Check in your web analytics tool which items were top sellers and, above all, what device they were purchased with. This not only helps you improve your web presence, it’s also a way the chatbot can suggest the products and enhance the conversion when you’re missing agents.

chatbot oct8ne recomend products

Thanks to Oct8ne’s integration with your catalog, our chatbot can suggest products and show them in the coviewer so the customer can see them and interact with them.

Through the response flows, our chatbot asks what characteristics the user wants regarding the product they’re searching for and will be able to show them several options in a matter of seconds that meet the requirements. This way they can make the purchase directly from the conversation.

Is there any better way to help your team during summer vacation?

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