Training tips for your agents to use Oct8ne and get the best return

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Livechat is one of the easiest and fastest ways for customers to contact your company. That it’s an immediate channel explains why 83% of customers prefer to interact through chat.

These customer service tools improve the customer experience but your agents need to know how to use them, how to proceed and how to enhance this good shopping experience.

How your team behaves is important for consumers. They need to convey that proximity and know how to give a personal touch to the conversation.

Tips so your agents give good customer service

1. Train them well

Before your agents are faced with resolving the various situations that their clients find themselves in, it’s important to provide paperwork on the goals and your company’s working model, so they know what tone to speak in and how to act.

Having example sessions will be much easier: they’ll know how to treat the customer and where to find the information they need at all times. Great training is learning along with another person on the team.

2. Monitor conversations

Oct8ne has different roles for the people on your team: agents and administrators. One of the administrators’ functions is to oversee the agents’ chats and advise them on how to manage each client’s situation in real time with private messages. Thanks to this support during conversations, agents will always feel accompanied.

The best part is that you advise your agents and help them find the information they need to help the client they’re attending. If necessary, at a critical moment, the agent can transfer the conversation to the administrator or a colleague who’s a specialist.

3. Help them respond quickly

Don’t keep your customers waiting. The first response a client should receive when using the chat for the first time should happen in less than a minute; though, ideally, it’s instantaneous.

There are two ways to speed up this process: through a chatbot that provides a response in under a second or, if an agent is attending the conversation, use ready-made messages to streamline the process.

Oct8ne’s agents can save their own personalized messages and greetings, so they can reply in just one click. Once the conversation is going, they’ll be able to answer the customer’s questions.

4. Make use of context

Oct8ne monitors user navigation to provide agents with useful information that gives them context. Agents can see which products each customer has looked at, which ones they’ve added to their cart, and what page they’re browsing.

This feature will prevent a lot of questions and explanations during the conversation. The agent will have the type of products the client needs clear and will be able to intuit their questions. In addition to navigation, they’ll also have a customer card on hand thanks to Oct8ne’s integration with ticketing and CRM platforms.

productos cliente oct8ne

Using the customer card, your team will be able to see if the client has pending orders, if they’re registered or if they’re a recurring customer, all without leaving the conversation. This makes it much easier to analyze each person’s profile.

When you find users who aren’t registered, you can use Oct8ne’s different quick forms to get each client’s contact information and generate more leads to have a much more comprehensive database.

5. Strengthen visual support

Oct8ne is a visual customer service tool, so agents can apply all sales techniques by directly showing products in the chat, once they know what the user needs.

oct8ne livechat

The coviewer lets you view synchronized images and videos in real time and was created to replace sending links to ‘show’ various products, which forced the client to constantly change pages.

Encourage your agents to show as many products as possible. Conversions are multiplied up to 18 times if an agent acts as a salesperson by being proactive and suggesting products visually.

6. Create a good trigger strategy

Establishing a trigger strategy to pair with customer service is very important: of all the visits that enter an e-commerce, only 1% go to the livechat to ask a question. Just because a user doesn’t express their doubts, doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

Oct8ne automatically detects when a user needs help and, through the trigger’s settings, a personalized message is displayed, depending on the situation the client is in.

Every conversation is a sales opportunity. Your agents need to see what message made an impact on the customer, so they don’t repeat questions while showing they know what the client needs.

7. Arrange your agents into departmets

If you arrange your agents in different departments, customers will be able to choose who they want to talk to from a drop-down window and be attended to directly by the right professional. Although you can always do transfers to other team members, it’s best not to pass the conversation to another agent simply because the customer’s situation wasn’t defined previously.

If your business doesn’t have enough sections or agents to divide them by department, you can always create a filter to differentiate if the customer has already made a purchase or if they are going to buy something (sale/after-sales). This option can also be done with the chatbot’s segmentation.

8. Maximize your work using the chatbot

The chatbot automates the process, but isn’t a substitute for your customer service team. The idea is that the bot makes agents’ work easier and increases the interaction rate. Spain’s Leroy Merlin multiplied their interactions 10 fold thanks to the fact that they’re always available to give an answer.

If the chatbot is able to streamline the work, your agents can focus on providing personalized advice to potential customers and improving the customer experience.

Offering help automatically ensures that customers don’t leave with doubts and gives your agents more time to attend them and be more proactive with sales.

Choose the right tool

Your agents have to learn how to use a tool, but they’ll also be learning everything about your products, services and the types of customers. This is why you have to choose the right tool: something between a comprehensive software that is also easy to use.

Oct8ne’s interface is very intuitive; your customer service team can learn to use it quickly so work will be more streamlined. Furthermore, being omnichannel, you won’t need several platforms to attend to all your users. It doesn’t matter if they write to you by chat, answer an email, need to make a video call or if they’ve sent you a WhatsApp message.

Everything is centered on the same panel to save your agents time. This way they can concentrate on the conversations they have with clients to attend them correctly.

Clients will notice that your team feels comfortable and confident, factors that will directly influence customer satisfaction and sales.
Did you know we offer free training and follow-up so you’re an expert using Oct8ne? 😉

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