Sustainable Business: tips and consumer impact

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Why it’s important to have a sustainable business in 2022

Having a sustainable business has become essential, not only for our planet, but also for our companies to function properly.

Environmental awareness from consumers has grown in recent years. Note that 77% of Spaniards say they are very concerned about caring for the environment. So we seek a more comfortable lifestyle, but we don’t want to hurt the environment.

The e-commerce sector has a pending debt here. We all know that freight transport emits a lot of CO2, and we can’t close our eyes to it, period. And to take it one step further, business sustainability has become a fundamental value for the 21st century buyer.

As such, it’s important that we take our emotional marketing strategies into account. But if we want to meet the emotional needs of our consumers, one thing is fundamental: that each e-commerce implements steps towards sustainable business as much as they can. Doing this is easier than it sounds, which is why we want to share some tips with you that will help you achieve this goal.

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1. Take a chance on last mile logistics

More and more consumers are concerned about the impact of e-commerce on the environment.

This is a brilliant time for the sector as great business and entrepreneurship opportunities arise, but we can’t dive in headfirst without thinking about it.

Sustainable new businesses (and existing ones) need to base their sales on profitable niche markets, but of course, without forgetting what their contribution to the planet will be.

One of the most interesting solutions is last mile logistics: companies that make their deliveries with sustainable vehicles in city centers.

They can be electric vehicles or bicycles, it doesn’t matter. The point is that having these distributors’ services is valued more and more by the end customer.

For example, in Spain, companies like Beeasy, Kubbo or Revoolt  are doing a great job in the field.

2. Choose national or local providers

Large supermarkets emphasize when a regional or local product is on their shelves. There must be a reason. This is because the km 0 products, those of local, regional or national origin, are better received at the point of sale.

So why don’t we stake more in local products in the e-commerce sector? Having local suppliers comes with the reward of a good image for your brand. If you frame it with a good digital marketing strategy, you’ll gain profitability sooner than you think.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing products with less polluting production methods

Many manufacturers are becoming aware of the importance of having a good product with a manufacturing system that is respectful of our planet. Is that too much to ask? Surf the net a bit and you’ll see there are many brands that already do it. You can be the next owner proud to have a sustainable business.

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4. Allow teleworking at your organization whenever possible

It’s true that all companies can’t facilitate teleworking for their employees. In some organizations, certain jobs are able to while other aren’t. 

What is clear is that each worker who can perform their tasks from home, contributes with significant annual CO2 savings.

If you add this number up from each employee, at the end of the year, you’ll have clear proof of your contribution as a sustainable business and your customers will appreciate it.

5. Recycling as a company philosophy

In addition to doing it, share how many of material you recycle each year.This will help improve your brand image and get a long-term commitment into your buyers’ minds because companies with values have more loyal customers.

6. Provide an appropriate solution for perishable products

Food sector businesses play a fundamental role. Therefore, if you want your food e-commerce to be a sustainable business, start by analyzing your processes from the beginning. Find ways to minimize waste and put perishable products to good use. Besides meticulously calculating the balance between your stock and your sales, you can achieve this by give any surpluses to NGOs.

7. Apply energy and water saving measures at the facilities

Using solar energy is nothing new here but there is still a long way to go for businesses that want to be sustainable. One example would be to install solar panels on warehouse roofs, which lead to enormous energy savings over the years.

8. Make the customer’s purchasing decision quick and easy

If you make it easy for the buyer, you avoid the commute on the road or wasting time browsing the internet in search of a solution.

For that, you can apply these tips to help your clients optimize their time and that will translate into more sales for your business:

a. Clear product sheets

Design them to connect with the buyer and provide a lot of quality information. Remember to highlight the benefits that the product provides instead of focusing only on its features.

b. Optimal communication channels for the customer

This facilitates resolving issues quickly and even immediately.  One of the most important trends at the moment is using chatbots or tools like Oct8ne’s coviewerThis visual tool lets you share images in the same chat conversation, where you and the customer can exchange questions and provide information relevant to the purchasing decision. Are you clear about where you’re going to start in making your business sustainable? Whether you’re already up and running or planning to start a business soon, there are many options to grow at the corporate level while taking care of our planet. And thus, your customers are also aware.

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