6 Reasons your customers don’t trust your website and how to fix this

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Building trust in your business is essential to attracting customers because, once they get to you, your products and service will do the rest. And when a company is committed to doing things well and giving its customers a great experience, everything starts up and works.

But getting that long-awaited confidence can be tricky at first.

We’re going to see what an e-commerce needs to convey peace of mind to customers and get them to make their first purchase.

Why don’t your clients trust you?

There are 5 main reasons we don’t trust an online store. 

1. They don’t know you at all

If your visitors have come to you through Google advertising or social networks, it may be the first time they’re hearing about your online store and your brands or products.
In that case, they consider you to be a stranger. You haven’t built their trust in your business yet for them to buy from you. As such, the journey through your website has to be like a first conversation with someone you’ve just been introduced to. Go easy and do your best to get acquainted; you need to make a good impression and move forward.

2. You have to be trustworthy and look like it: Appearance counts and it counts a lot

If we talk about first impressions, we have to be clear about something: you are trustworthy and you know that, but you also have to look like it.

Therefore, you need to tend to your website’s every detail, from its structure to the design, images, content, text, etc. Everything has to be professional and convey what you are: a trustworthy business.

confianza online

3. The fear of internet scams

Personal treatment is important in the purchasing process, just like the attendant’s face, voice and gestures in a physical store. But on the internet, we can’t see each other and we can’t get to know each other as well as in our neighborhood stores.
This “blindness” allows some companies to use anonymity to scam customers and run, meaning there is still a certain fear of online shopping and you need to do your best to prove that your company is trustworthy.

4. Payment options

Having 1 or 2 payment options can be tricky if you don’t choose the right ones.

For example, if you only have payment by credit card or bank transfer, your visitors may feel like they’re taking a risk when paying.

But, if you include payment methods with guarantees, where a third company establishes trust in your customers, your orders will increase, even with a card or transfer. Offering secure payments makes you a safe company.

5. You don’t resolve their concerns

A hesitant visitor is a visitor who doesn’t make a purchase. They go to the competition and, if everything is more straightforward, they buy there. 

This is why it’s so important to know what a potential buyer thinks and feels.

If you know this, anticipate and respond to their reservations; you’ll have more possibilities for a sale.

6. It’s hard to contact you

metodo de pago online

Having few forms of contact or ones that aren’t easily visible on your website is one of the main closed doors for a sale.

As we’ve said before, an online business should resemble a traditional business as much as possible. As such, you should include several means of contact so your customers can choose the one that they prefer.

How to gain the trust of your online customers

Now that we’ve talked about all the roadblocks that a lack of trust in your business can cause, let’s look at how to fix it. After all, this is what’s most important.

How and where they’ve heard about you has an influence (a big one)

You’ll always get visits from people who have gotten recommendations as well as others who are hearing about you for the first time.

To best answer each customer, you need to ready your website for both.
Think especially of those who have come across an ad or who have read an article on your blog on Google. If they don’t know about you, introduce yourself. Tell them what you can contribute, simply and clearly.

However, if a user gets to your e-commerce because they’ve been following you on Instagram for a while, you’ll have a much smoother path.

The journey through your website

To ensure no one gets lost, develop a simple route.

Make it easy to find any product, pay and walk out. Remember, on the internet, simplicity is your friend.

The most crucial moment: Payment

For a client to open their wallet, you need to remove their mental obstacles.

Answer all their questions on your product cards. Then, if they still have queries, facilitate comfortable contact channels for them.

Furthermore, minimize payment steps. The shorter and more comfortable the process is, the better. 

confianza en internet

Elements that inspire trust so your customers make a purchase

How can you increase that good feeling of having visitors? There are several ways and they are all compatible.

Customer service: an online store’s best bet

atencion al cliente online

Let’s start with a classic that will never go out of style: the telephone. An online store that doesn’t have a telephone contact number can’t be trusted.

Have yours easily visible on all of your webpages.

Given that a phone line isn’t anything special, it doesn’t garner trust. But not having one definitely subtracts from it, simple as that.

Of course, there are tools that are a bonus, like the chat or chatbot. Everyone likes this contact channel because it allows your client to communicate with you and makes them feel like “there is someone there willing to make my life easier.” But there is much more: a chat lets you cut back on hours and staff dedicated to customer service.

In short, you can optimize your resources and your time while building your customers’ trust.


Plus, with the Oct8ne coviewer, it’ll be even more like the service in a physical store. You can both share images and understand each other better than you could on the phone.

In online commerce, closeness is lost due to the characteristics of the medium, but we have tools that help us humanize online relationships and build trust in our business. With that idea, Oct8ne was born to be a point of connection, utility and trust for your online store’s customers.

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