Prepare for Black Friday with a Chatbot

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The craziest days for e-commerce are coming soon. We know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday mark the start of the busiest time frame and we better be ready.

Any tool that helps us be more efficient and productive needs to be a priority, which is why we’re going to focus on how to prepare your e-commerce for Black Friday, thanks to a chatbot.

Why is this the best time to use a Chatbot?

Actually, any time is a good time to implement one of these conversational chat solutions, but in terms of volume and traffic is when we’ll most appreciate having extra support, both with customer service and in sales tasks.

The best part is you still have time to get your chat prepared because it’s a process that solutions like Oct8ne have ready to be solved easily. In just a few clicks you’ve got it integrated and working.

Points to ready your chatbot for Black Friday

Since the chatbot affects several different strategy and planning points (more than you think), it’s best to go one by one and discuss them in detail.

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#1 – Free up staff for logistic and strategic tasks

More traffic, more inquiries, more orders… the story’s simple: we need more people working, right?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. By having a chatbot on Black Friday, a large part of those human resources that you’ve used in other years to answer questions and solve issues by phone or chat can take care of more useful tasks that are harder to automate, like preparing orders. 

Keep this in mind when you make your staff calendar for those critical days.

#2 – Prepare a welcome message

During Black Friday e-commerce customers log into various websites and consult different pages.

You have to get their attention with something special in the first few seconds of their visit. A welcome message that activates your chat after a few seconds can get the customer’s attention and start a deeper interaction that guides them towards conversion.

Even consider changing the way you approach people during this time frame. In seasonal moments, they’re looking for offers; they might even be coming to your store from an ad published on social networks, a SEM campaign or a friend’s recommendation.

The most important thing is to keep the drive of what’s motivated their visit and, in short, be consistent about Black Friday. Don’t hesitate to get customers excited about it in your welcome message.

#3 – Complement your FAQs

A collection of frequently asked questions and knowledge bases is great, but when the customer is going at Black Friday speed, asking them to spend time identifying what they’re interested in or what worries them is too much. 

Make sure you have your chatbot perfectly trained to solve those common situations and queries in an even more dynamic, and therefore more effective, way. Real-time is a way of speeding up conversion and favoring impulse buying by reducing the thought portion of the process as much as possible, which is the part of the process that interests us least at a time of aggressive sales everywhere.

#4 – Sowing for the future

Black Friday is only a matter of a few days but you can monetize all the traffic that’s generated at a specific time so it continues to lead to sales in the future.

To do this, you need to implement a solution like Oct8ne’s that’s capable of generating leads. Our chatbot can collect certain information like emails and user names to be able to personally address customers later through other channels like email marketing in less competitive circumstances.

#5 – Try the livechat for yourself

It seems obvious, but whenever you put yourself in the customer’s shoes, you end up drawing a lot of conclusions. This is the time to enter your own store to see how it makes you feel from the other side and what it is that you might miss or what should be strengthened on the web.

If you have the opportunity, it’s best to organize a small guerrilla test with real users. As much as you want to be objective with what you see, having a certain bias is inevitable, which is why turning to potential real customers gives us a true vision of the interaction.

Anything you pick up on now is a sticking point that you can avoid at a time as critical as Black Friday.

Furthermore, studying the past is usually a reliable way to predict the future in a business. We aren’t only talking about going over data from the last Black Friday, we’re also looking at the usage trends throughout the year and the reports your tool offers you to devise a more efficient strategy.

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