How to use a livechat to boost your sales

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We never tire of saying it: livechat can make sales, it isn’t just a customer service tool. If you’re also thinking of boosting your sales this way, we’ll tell you how you can increase them up to 30%.

This specific percentage isn’t random; we say 30% because we have success stories like the Miró appliance chain that can attest to this.

Let’s see how we can do this through a few strategies and features we have in the Oct8ne livechat.

Open up your business to relationship marketing

We’re  used to a host of concepts, like email or social media marketing. But if we go to the root of these, we find something better that encompasses everything: relationship marketing.

Never lose your view point; customers aren’t leads, visits, or conversions. Customers are people and we need to treat them as such. But this isn’t always the case and we might get a bit lost in the quantitative analysis and stop paying attention to the interaction with people.

If your business is ahead of the game in this sense, livechat can become a tool for recommendations, advice, and can resolve doubts and issues. In other words, having real people manage a conversational chat is in some ways the same as having a sales assistant who responds in real-time and can adapt their dialogue to the interlocutor. 

When we look at it this way, it’s easy to understand why sales go up with a well-managed tool like this. 

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Getting rid of breaks in conversion

One of the main advantages of livechat is that it breaks through some of the main conversion obstacles, the points that thwart a lot of sales. 

We can resort to reports like what Shopify prepared in B2C commerce where they give us clues on aspects to improve and what we can influence. 

#1 – Lack of trust

There are a lot of resources we can use on our website to gain trust in our brand. Steps like making stamps, certificates, awards, logos of companies we collaborate with visible or, probably the most effective, testimonials and ratings from real customers who have already made a purchase in our store.

Even so, many customers in a store for the first time need a confidence boost and there’s nothing better than someone connected with them in real-time to clear up those recurring doubts and make the transaction more human.

#2 – “I’m just looking”

Research is in the very nature of the Internet and customers using digital channels are becoming more and more savvy. They use online stores as a source of information, extract characteristics, data, look at photographs, compare prices, etc.

Therefore, despite being in an area like a store that is eminently transactional, they use it as a consultation and are further away from conversion than we might have thought.

Thanks to a well-designed livechat strategy, our persuasiveness increases substantially. The customer that “was just looking” can move up the conversion funnel if they’re properly guided.

This means we need to train our agents in sales, not just in customer service; it’s also an investment of time and resources that directly affects sales growth.

#3 – Cross-selling and upselling

Livechat has the enormous advantage of helping us with online marketing’s golden opportunity: generating more sales with the same traffic.

Most conversion-oriented marketing strategies focus on increasing the number of visits. They try to make sales from volume but not so much in qualifying the traffic so the average ticket can be increased.

The agents behind the chat understand the context and needs of the user and with features like knowing the client’s browsing habits and past interests, we’re giving them a unique ability to offer complementary products or products of higher value that also fulfill the customer’s needs.

Naturally, the coviewer and the chance to include products in the cart from the chat itself enrich and speed up the interaction.

#4 – Automatization

In any given moment, we need to make the agents’ tasks easier and help them be proactive in anticipating clients’ needs. This can be done by using triggers that decipher when the chat windows should be activated.

If we also combine human touch with a chatbot that frees up resources when they’re needed, we can increase our e-commerce’s performance, whatever the situation, even in periods of high incidence with a lot of customers at the same time, like on Black Friday or during the Christmas season.

Four tips that are the four pillars you should work on if you want to boost your sales using a livechat.

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