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Having an extensive catalog of products on our website means two things: we have a great offer and a big job ahead of us in creating the perfect product sheet. If we want customers to make a purchase in our e-commerce, each article has to be labeled in the correct category, and have quality images, and a well-optimized copy.

When you sell unique products on the market, handmade or exclusive to your brand, its easy to make the mistake of writing 500 very similar descriptions that dont really say anything in the end. Your products dont stand out and you dont entice the user to buy anything.

On the other hand, if your products come from a supplier, theres the temptation to upload them to your website with the ‘factory’ description. This error doesnt differentiate you from the competition, doesnt improve your SEO and Google penalizes you for duplicate content.

Copying a product sheet doesnt just consist of a simple description, your goal is to position it and get sales. On the other hand, not only do the images have to show the product, they also need to show the item in a real-life context.


Product sheets are the storefront of your online store. Both the copy and the images need to be engaging to convince the customer that a product is just what they need. Therefore, you shouldnt write a boring description with the name, dimensions and an “empty” description, just like a single photograph of the product doesnt contribute anything.

The product sheets have to grab the user’s attention so the content needs to be creative and useful at the same time. It has to include key information like dimensions, features and shipping costs so as not to give rise to questions, but it should also be appealing enough for the user to add the product to their cart.

Without good product sheets, you wont close sales. You need good images, a persuasive message and good CTAs to quickly add products to the cart.



On the first line of the product page, the customer needs to have clear what the product is and how much it costs. But, along with basic information, the copy of each item must contain creative writing and a few keywords that help you position your products on Google.

A great example of outstanding product sheets is Platanomelons e-commerce.


copy ficha producto


The copy of your product page should include:

  •   The name of the product with the right keyword and H1 tag to optimize search engine SEO.
  •   A quality description that drives the sale. Avoid copy-pasting and give it a creative touch to make the product more attractive and facilitate the decision to buy. The customer should feel that this product is just what they were looking for. You have to connect with the user; if you know your target well, it’ll be easy to reach them. In your persuasive writing, you should also include keywords to enhance SEO and highlight the most noteworthy parts by using bold text.
  •   The basic technical characteristics, like measurements or features. In the Platanomelon example, they capture them clearly, with a fun, personal touch.


Product photos are a key factor. They entice the customer and can get that ‘click’ that leads to the impulse to make a purchase. Product photos let the customer have expectations and check to see if the product fits their needs. Furthermore, good product images let you correctly advise users through Oct8ne’s visual support.

There are three types of images that cannot be absent from your product sheets:

  •   Product snapshot: These are the most basic images that show the article itself: a neutral image, with a white background that only shows what the product looks like. These are a must to show what the product is, which ones to add the zoom feature to and which ones to use 360º images.
  •   Still-life snapshot: These are more elaborate product photos in a ‘real’ environment to better understand what the product is like. This can mean including the item in a room with other products or by having a model use the product. These types of images are the best option when you need to show several products at the same time or to convey emotions through the product, illustrating a happy or relaxed environment. See how Philips [ks3] does it with its ambient lighting system.
  •   User Photographs (UGC): These may be the most important. Including photographs taken by other buyers adds great value to your product sheet, since it shows an impartial view of the ‘real’ product without any marketing strategies. Although these photos may not be the same quality as those provided by an e-commerce or a brand ambassador, User Generated Content [ks4] is an important complement in building trust.There are many ways to cross-sell in your e-commerce; in this section well give you the best examples. Through the product sheets, cross-selling is an important point in increasing the ticket average naturally.

    If the customer is looking for a specific product, show them similar or complementary items. At Asos they recommend products based on the customer’s search and they also suggest other products that appear in the photo of a product to ‘complete the look’.





    You can also show what other users bought in cross-selling the product sheet. For example, if a user bought high heels after adding a long skirt for a wedding to their cart.

    Another, more innovative way to cross-sell is through our chatbot. Thanks to triggers, the bot can be launched when customers enter a product page and automatically recommend a series of items to them through the chat conversation. This strategy will allow you to suggest the most purchased items in a category.


    It is more than obvious that the add to cart button should appear on the product page, be visible and, above all, work.

    But if we know that in order to avoid cart abandonment the customer cant have any doubts, its also important to include a Customer Service Call To Action. This way, customers can open the chat and get their questions answered.


    Reviews directly influence the deciding moment in the conversion funnel: 85% of users trust the opinions of other buyers and 49% of users dont buy something that doesnt have at least four stars, so its important to optimize on-page customer reviews.

    Always show a score with a numerical or star rating to reflect the satisfaction of other buyers and allow users to add images of the product they received in the opinion section.


    A good product sheet lets you recognize the product quickly and easily. Although the product pages are designed for your clients, they will also facilitate your agents job. When the client has questions, theyll be able to consult the product sheet and even read the description within the chat conversation to better assess each users queries.

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