How to use Oct8ne if you’re a small business

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If your company (still) isn’t one of the big ones but you like to keep up with what’s going on in marketing and are always looking for tools that give you an additional advantage, we congratulate you! Oct8ne is for you too and adapts perfectly to the needs of a small business.

#1 – Through profitability

All online and offline businesses need tools that facilitate both customer service and sales, which is precisely what makes Oct8ne’s software so powerful. It allows users to maintain direct contact through chat, phone or email while also helping us better understand the customer’s needs during the purchasing process.

A small company has to take advantage of everything within its reach and it strengthens itself in doing so. Thanks to these tools, we can offer everyone who visits our e-commerce a personalized experience. We may not have the logistical possibilities or the stock of one of the big employers, but we can make up for those with commitment and project a certain craftsmanship and interest that only a business owner could have.

#2 – Through price

Many of the big software companies on the market have great options or the perfect solutions to certain tasks but what about the prices? Generally, they seem to be exorbiant for small and medium-sized businesses.

Oct8ne has four different plans, starting with a free version. The idea is to grow with you as a company and add options as you need them, but to give you an idea, the PRO version (truly comprehensive) only costs $59 per agent per month and the Lite version, only $39.

We offer a free trial period for 14 days so you can monitor the projection of your business and customers, where you’ll quickly see that the investment pays off.

#3 – Because it’s easy to set up

Another challenge for Oct8ne was to create a tool that wouldn’t be hard to integrate in an online store. Thinking precisely about this, great effort has been made towards the goal of the main e-commerce platforms having their own plugin or module.

If you use Prestashop or Magento you can download them for their respective CMSs, but it’s also very easy to install Oct8ne in WordPress and doesn’t take more than five minutes. You can do it yourself without having any experience in web development; the idea is that you don’t have to invest time or money in development.

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#4 – Because it makes a difference

We know that in the last few years, little by little, e-commerce has become more accessible. Objectively, this is great but there’s a problem in the sense that it’s becoming increasingly different from the competition. Oct8ne has the enormous advantage of continuing to amaze the public, specifically with the breakthrough, advanced co-vision option. The image that projects our brand to consumers is one of a cutting-edge online store, though we’ve probably made it out to be larger than it is.

#5 – Because Oct8ne gets the maximum return on each customer

We have to control how much we’re investing in capture. We can’t invest as much as we’d like in advertising and marketing campaigns, but what we can do is maximize each lead and each final customer. It costs a lot of effort and money to close a new client so you have to make sure two things always happen:

  • The average receipt is as high as possible
  • A satisfied customer keeps coming back

For both issues we have Oct8ne and our customer service capabilities. Thanks to the combination of both we can promote upselling, cross selling, significantly reduce cart abandonment, and increase recurrence by up to 70%.

As you can see, Oct8ne is also an alternative for small businesses; a good way to push them to the next level. Best of all, you can test it out for yourself for free with the free version or with demo periods on the pay as you go plans. Come try Oct8ne because you have a lot to gain!

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