How to use Oct8ne if you are a mid-sized company

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The problem with having a mid-size company is that you often find yourself in no-man’s land when implementing new solutions. Those designed for small businesses come up short on features and the ones that focus more on large companies are overpriced and include features that, frankly, you’re not going to use.

At Oct8ne, we care about offering all of our customers a tool that’s not only tailored to their needs, but one that also has an optimum needs-price balance. Yes, for mid-sized businesses that have their own needs and requirements too.

Oct8ne Pro and Lite: the perfect arrangement

Oct8ne designed their Lite and Pro versions specifically thinking about mid-sized companies. Here you’ll have access to settings that can boost customer service and sales for your business for just $39 per agent per month. How?

#1 – Chat volume

We understand that these types of companies need an agile management approach since they have substantial traffic and all the help with productivity doesn’t do much to profit from resources.

As such, from the Lite version on, you can attend an unlimited number of chats, there are complete statistics, and you can evaluate the agents so they can monitor and optimize the processes. The end result is better customer service, higher sales, and better incident management.

#2 –Assisted sales

An asset that Oct8ne brings to any business is the possibility of creating a commercial relationship with the visitor, which helps convert them into a customer. In order to do this, it’s important to keep the inventory and catalogue updated within the tool so your customers get the full experience without leaving the chat window.

With a PRO subscription, you’ll be able to fully integrate your catalogue in real time, which is extremely important when we’re talking about a company rotating their inventory.

However, we can’t forget about co-viewing. While a small business can afford to spend more time trying to figure out what the customer needs, a mid-sized company needs to be resilient.

Thanks to the possibility of screen sharing between a customer and an agent, not only can doubts be resolved faster, they can be answered more effectively with precise recommendations.



#3 – Promoting engagements

With what you invest in capture, you have to make sure each customer leaves your website satisfied, even if you didn’t close the sale this time (they’ll probably come back later). The key is to use customer service so they feel that your company wants to help them.

On one hand, we’re giving them every option when they want to contact us (chat, telephone, etc), meaning that they feel like someone is behind the buying experience even if they haven’t used the contact options.

On the other hand, we can be predictive thanks to programing triggers that automatically put the agent and visitor in contact with one another thereby preventing possible frustration, “What’s the user doing spending so much time on the price page? Does he have a problem we can solve?”. We can also anticipate their needs by tackling them directly when they enter the contact page.

Especially when it comes to predicting behaviors or needs, we also have the option to show our agent the products that the customer has browsed up to this point.

This allows the agent to expose the customer to options they were already interested in, which makes him feel understood and personally attended at a level you would expect from a small shop but using an advanced tool that you might find with a large multinational company.


#4 – With a higher level of support

We make every effort to ensure your company makes the most profit from Oct8ne, which is why we know how important it is that you receive the fastest and most accurate support. We put our entire knowledge base at your disposal: FAQs, videos, and tutorials and regularly send you our advice and best practices.

But it doesn’t end there, count on email or phone assistance and, the best part, one of our experts will monitor your performance and train you in using the tool.

Remember you can have a trial of either of these versions for 14 days, completely free of charge.

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