How to use Oct8ne if you have a big business

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We’ve already told you why Oct8ne is a great solution for small and mid-sized companies, and we haven’t forgotten about the biggest ones. Oct8ne’s features also adapt to companies that need a more customized product.

How can a chat like Oct8ne help your large company?

#1 –By personalization

One of the main risks we run as our business grows is losing the human touch, even more so if it’s an online business. Customers need to feel that they’re a priority for the brand, both with a complaint and with the decision to make a purchase. For both aspects, Oct8ne works well because it essentially serves to enhance the interaction between users and agents, which is translated into greater customer satisfaction.

Thanks to tools like the browsing history, you can tell exactly what each customer is searching. You also have records on hand of a certain customer’s previous interactions with your agents so you can consult what questions they had before, what motivated them, or if they had any reservations; extremely valuable information to create and strengthen a connection.


2# – By automation

When you have a lot of web traffic, hundreds or thousands of visits, it becomes helpful to automate everything you can, which is why we have triggers that increase the volume of useful conversations. For example, you can set the chat window to automatically open when a user spends too much time in the checkout process, meaning you’ll avoid cart abandonment.

Another example would be to approach customers when they encounter an error page, a time that generates the most confusion, but a great opportunity to redirect the user to an in-stock product and close the sale.

The possibilities are endless, it’s enough to apply your business knowledge with our objectives and, through automation, improve your results.


#3 – By productivity

When you manage customer service with a number of agents, you need a platform that simplifies the tasks and makes your agents as efficient as possible.

It’s common for big businesses to require each agent to manage multiple sessions. Behind each session there is a customer who has to be attended efficiently and who has to be given priority. For this, Oct8ne assigns customers proportionally to make everything run more smoothly. The chats are also color coded, which visually helps the agents prioritize.

Another important advantage is the possibility of transferring chats from one agent to another; it’s a great way to ensure that each customer receives attention from the best possible agent.

These and other features like the resource library or default phrases that can be accessed by all agents trigger your team’s productivity in big businesses.


#4 – For data access

As I’m sure you’ve heard and read many times, “You can’t improve what you can’t measure.” Repeating it doesn’t make it any less true, and we can apply this type of analysis to customer service in your online store.

Oct8ne’s reports are detailed yet simple to interpret. They provide graphs and data relevant to agents’ productivity, your website, and your products. The best part is, in addition to the data gathered, we can access detailed reports by session, which gives us qualitative information for a normally quantitative aspect.

It is vital that all data are presented in a way that is optimal and manageable because raw data can be uncomfortable to deal with or even unmanageable.


#5 – For personalization possibilities

It takes a lot of effort to create a brand image. Big companies invest a lot of money and resources in doing so, which is precisely why it’s important to not break the homogeneity.

Thanks to the CSS style editor we can easily integrate the chat itself on the web without clashing with the site’s corporate identity.

As you can see, Oct8ne is a solution for all types of businesses, regardless of size or revenue. It’s designed for any store to be able to increase their income by using various features of the tool.

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